Monday, September 15, 2008

Foodtrip - Crustacia

Went with Jing to ATC 3 weeks ago to try out Red Crabs, but ALAS Red Crabs wasn't there anymore. It was replaced by Crustacia. Since i am really really craving for crabs that day, we tried out the place.
We ordered Singaporean Chili Crabs ( mild). The crabs were really really huge (1.5 kls)

then crispy baby squid. i swear they are really babies. don't know where they got it but its so small...and its really yummy...:)

.......Phad thai , they are really really good.... i have tasted phad thai in Banana Leaf and must say it pass my expectations....

and Bagoong Fried Rice.... Jing likes it! i only had a spoonful since i'm on a diet. LOL!!!!

total bill cost us Php 3000+++ around $72++ not bad. Experience was really really good. Its only the "aligue" which is hard already but you wants to eat it anyway unless you want to have hypertensions and cholesterol build up in your arteries.. hehehehe....

will i come back... definitely!

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