Saturday, December 5, 2009


hey lovelies!

Jhoy of is having her first give-away:

here are the rules :
  • Follow my blog +1 , yup thats it. and write you name & email in the comments section below. BUT if you want to go above and beyond and gain more tickets.....
  • Repost this blog into your own blog and put the link in the comment box +1
  • Follow me on twitter and link to this post +1
  • Fansign: this is just for kicks, hold up a sign saying "I love Vanessa" lol all my friends do this and I do this also to them, I've created a collage on my desktop. lolz. and email it to me at, if you make me one, I'll make one for you to, sound fair? it doesn't bother me, spread the loveeee! +1
  • I just thought of another one (to lazy to take another photo) , subrcibe me on youtube +1

Click here to join...

Also, Jeanicejoi of Mommy Fabulous! is also having her giveaway. She has fabulous gift to be given away...

entry is simple, there are only 2things you must do!, must become a subscriber. 2.Blog about it,let others know about the contest by posting on your blog with a link back to hers! simple,and easy as pie right?!!.

Click here to join....

ciao.. till next time!

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